Meet The Staff

Office Staff Doctors:  Dr. Leroy Graham, Dr. Kevin Steele, & Harriet McCoy, Nurse Practitioner

Dr. Leroy Graham, M.D.
Medical Physician

Dr. Graham graduated from Eastern Virginia Medical School in 1992. He has been practicing in Virginia as a Board Certified Family Practice Physician for 25 years. He founded Stoneybrook Family Practice in Newport News in 2004. Dr. Graham sees patients from adolescents through geriatric phases of life. He manages the care of musculoskeletal injuries, infectious diseases, women’s & men’s health, GI, endocrine, cardiovascular, and even dermatology.

Dr. Graham is accepting new patients at his office in Hampton on Woodland Road.

To schedule an appointment, or just meet him, please call (757) 723-9131.

Dr. Kevin Steele, D.C.

Dr. Steele has been practicing in Hampton Virginia since 1995 and is licensed by the Virginia Board of Medicine. He was the first doctor on the Virginia Peninsula to open a clinic dedicated to treating injured patients within a multidisciplinary office setting; Medical doctors, Chiropractors, and Physical Therapists all working together to better treat their patients.   

Dr. Russ Mosher, D.P.T.
Doctor of Physical Therapy

Dr. Russ Mosher, DPT has a Doctorate in Physical Therapy. He has over 25 years of experience in rehabilitative medicine. His approach is based on a model for hands on treatment and for the combination of a wide variety of Physical Therapy treatments. He is dedicated to a team approach, based in research, that shows the use of multispecialty care (different kinds of doctors working together) results in both faster and longer lasting recovery.   

Harriet McCoy, N.P.

“Patients brought into the ER after a motor vehicle accident, who have suffered primarily soft tissue injuries, are not always made a priority. Hospitals have a sometimes daunting task of triaging their patients. Those who are the most sick and the most injured are treated first, and that’s how it should be. Unfortunately, if you are the one who shows up at the same time as someone having a heat attack, you may not be given the attention you would have liked. We have the luxury of not being in emergency care. We can give our patients the time and care they're looking for."

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