Personal Injury

For our Patients involved in Car Accidents:

If you explore our website and the qualifications of our doctors, I think you will see that we care deeply about helping people injured in accidents of all kinds, not just car accidents. Unfortunately, the world we live in does not allow doctors treating accident patients to be just good at helping them resolve their injuries. They also have to understand Personal Injury and the documentation it requires. 

We suggest:


Find a Personal Injury Doctor immediately following your car accident, even if it’s not us! Lawyers can wait, your injury can not. A personal injury doctor can help you get the details documented properly. It protects you, should you need proper documentation later.

Frequently asked questions

At our office, we get a lot of questions regarding auto accidents. We have listed the most popular FAQ below, if you have any more questions please don’t hesitate to contact us. (757) 723-1899.

Will my primary care doctor see me after my car accident?

Many Primary care physicians do not treat auto accident patients. They will want to be paid for their services up front and may not be willing to wait on payment through an Auto Insurance or lawyer. They may also be afraid or unwilling to be subpoenaed to court. They may not have experienced in how to document a personal injury case. Don’t be to upset if your family doctor refuses to see you after a car accident, it’s a business decision and not a personal one.

What is pip?

Personal injury protection is mandatory in certain states. The state sets the amount through legislation and the auto insurance has to offer it when you purchase car insurance.

PiP is a medical benefit that offers medical care for you no matter if you were at fault or not. It will also cover any passengers in your car at the time of the accident. Pip has a dollar amount associated with it, some states such as Michigan have no limit on pip.

What is Med Pay?

Med pay or medical payments work a lot like pip. It essentially does the same thing except it is an elected coverage. Med pay can be bought through your auto insurance carrier and will cover things like chiropractic care, medical, orthopedic, and more.

Do I need an attorney to see a personal injury doctor?

No, we see patients involved in car accidents all the time who never retain an attorney.
However, legal representation can be a smart choice. We are happy to provide your care if you have an attorney. Attorneys are very good at determining the merits of your case.  

Please let us know if you have an attorney, should you decide to use us for your medical care. We will make sure they get all your records and applicable billing information, so they can settle your case.

What is a Medical lien?

This type of lien is a document that is presented to the attorney or insurance company from the doctor.
The attorney or the insurance company is going to pay the doctor after your personal injury case settles. This allows you to get the treatment you need and not have to worry about the medical bills.

How soon should I see a personal injury doctor?

You should see a personal injury doctor as soon as you possibly can. A lot of people say 72 hours. However, not everyone can do this. Some states make you see a doctor within 14 days or your personal injury protection will not cover your medical expenses.

That being said, not everyone to gets to a doctor right away. There may be reasons for you not seeing a doctor. Those reasons should be documented by the doctor.

What is a soft tissue injury?

Soft tissue injuries can be anything from Whiplash to bursitis, strains, contusions (bruises), tendonitis, or sprains.

What is a Gap in Treatment?

A gap in medical care is when you wait to go see a doctor for a car accident injury.



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